Mandana, author and illustrator
of children's books


Du bout de mes doigts

Mas allas de mi brazo, text by Jorge Luján. Beyond my hand in english, Du bout de mes doigts in french, Nelle mie mani in Italian. Please, see the text that follows the first illustrations of the book… ** Commentaire autour de cet album ci-dessous: … Continue reading



Chouette expérience : servir la Musique en image… Numéro 6 est un groupe français en pleine naissance. Des nouvelles bientôt… *Great experience to make a CD design! “Numéro 6” (Number 6) is a new french group…some news soon and hopefully a success story for … Continue reading


The immortal deer 1

About illustrations: These illustrations all comes from a philosophical tale that I wrote and illustrated. Some illustrations have been selected in Bologna book fair 2012 and exposed in several museums in Japan. Exhibition in very big format is possible. Illustrations+details: … Continue reading


The immortal deer 2

illustrations+details that follows the immortal deer 1:                       Details of this last colored illustration on “the deer 3, final”.          


Encre de chine + mine de plomb

I like to work without narration as well. Experiment forms without the will to mean or communicate. (15cmx10cm – China ink, 2012)                    


Various illustrations

Research for the book  ”Bien avant toi” éditions Didier jeunesse.         Illustration for “Le Mook” magazine from autrement publisher, Paris:  


L’autre monsieur paul

About “The other Paul”: see the text that follows some illustrations of the book…Details/extracts:           And the story continue…       L’autre monsieur Paul (The other Mister Paul) is a book that contains a kind … Continue reading


Cosas con plumas

About this book: see the text that follows some illustrations…details/extracts:                       This is an odd and mysterious book : the story, written by the author Jorge Luján is  a mysterious and benevolent … Continue reading


Le jardin de babaï

About the book: see the text that follows the illustrations… Because of the nature of the story itself, I can’t show here too much illustrations!             This book contains the same story told in two … Continue reading


Soleil d’hiver

About the book: see the text that follows some illustrations of the book…Extracts/details:                   Tarde de invierno (winter afternoon) is a poem about a child waiting for his mother to come home. The original … Continue reading


Bien avant toi

About the book: see the text that follows some of the illustrations…Extracts/details:                     It is a love declaration from a father to his child. A poetic, simple, and lovely text from … Continue reading


Mon ami kemushi

About the book: see the text that follows illustrations…Extracts/details:                 for the suspense, i won’t show here the butterfly… Detail of the back cover:     The last sentence of the text by … Continue reading



About this book: see the text that follows the illustrations…Extracts/details:                   This is a kind of love adventure mixed with a fairy tale placed in a desert: the Nigerian Sahara…The fantastic text by … Continue reading