De l’autre côté de l’arbre

About this book:



This book is almost a wordless picture book. “Once upon a time”is the only sentence. A little girl is walking in a forest and suddenly sees a little house with a lighted window…Through this story the young reader can experiment that appearance is sometimes misleading…

This is my first book, even my first story exercise during my illustration classroom, published while I was still a student (1997). This book travelled a lot all over the world (how lucky!) and brings me so many incredible stories and friends from everywhere! Today, I’m still meeting very touching and precious people due to this book…

Publishers in the world for this book:

-Editions Grandir (France) 1997, 2005
-Fondo de cultura economica, (Mexico) 1998, 2001
-Sep, libro del Rincon (México), 2003
-Artebambini (Italy) 2004 and 2004
-CWbook, the chinese version for Taiwan, 2006










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