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  1. hello,
    My name is Giulia, I’m the mother of an 8 months baby called Bianca and I work as an art director/set dresser on films.
    I got to know your work through the book “Oltre l’albero” in a library here in Venice. Then I checked your website and I definitely fell in love with your work. I immediately called my best friend Shirin in Rome to tell her about your work; her father is Persian like yours and her mother is French. She is a painter and a mother. She went mad about you too, she bought your books immediately and she would love to meet you one day!
    MY QUESTION IS: can we buy any of your drawings? We would love to!
    As I told you before I’m in Venice so Sarmede is nearby, I will go and see your drawings exhibited, of course I can’t buy them there, can I? I love the fish and the little girl from your last book, looking forward to it!
    Thank you so much

    Giulia Busnengo on 2013/11/26 at 10:59 AM
  2. Dear Giulia, I don’t understand why I only receive your message today…it was sleeping in my box here, hiding…
    Thanks a lot for all your words and yes, of course, you can buy my images, some original and limited prints. I’m on the way to open my etsy shop but it is not totally ready yet. You can tell me the images you like and I will give you all the informations: size, paper, price etc…
    Could you finally go and see the exhibition in Sarmede? It will be that “quality”of printing. Let me know…

    Sincerely yours,


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